1992:   First spiritual vision shortly after my return to Further Education College
1997:   Enrolled at university, feeling a strong need to suppress aspects of my spiritual for fear of persecution & ridicule
1999:   A passionate relationship broke down following emotional and spiritual differences. Temporary withdrawal from university.
2001-2002:   Restarted university.
2004:   Began work as a civil servant
2005-2008:   Left the Civil Service to begin part-time postgraduate study, completing in Jan 2008
:       Began uploading my spiritually-inspired music to the Internet
2008-2012:   Worked towards second postgraduate qualification whilst exploring a new co-operative business idea.
:       Became interested in becoming an MPhil Research Student and possibly getting a PhD
2012:   Faced harassment & slander, which resulted in me leaving university.
:       Abandoned any hope of ever becoming a Doctor of Research.
:       Decided to devote my entire life to promoting my spiritual faith.
2013:   Began work on "Integrity" - a popularised version of my spiritual doctrines
2015:   Released "Integrity" on April 1st, 2015 as a limited-edition CD computer file.
:       It spans 555 pages, and includes a video and other extras.
2016:   Working on Holy Book of The Republic, based on writings I began as far back as 1992.
:       ---also a shorter polemic "My Country", which is only 99 pages long.
:       Also looking to network for public speaking and music performances.


PROFESSIONALISM, GOALS & BEST PRACTICE - Even though I no longer aim myself at the professions following graduation, I feel that my of many ideas - both religious and secular - have much wider applications for everything from business to community relations and (non-clinical) mental health support. I am always keen to collaborate with others through my creative and pastoral input as and when practicable.

*** As far as BEST PRACTICE goes, I believe that it's important to lead by example: setting clear values and setting professional goals. That means starting from the principle that it's possible for me to set a new religious movement in motion, drawing on the best benchmarks in business, politics, academia and even other religions where appropriate. The LAW OF THE FAIRMARK - and models derived from the Holy Book of the Republic - offer advice not just on morality, but more importantly, how best to structure faith delivery models and replicate them across a wide cross-section of individual and community interests, listening to people's many concerns, and offering both structured and free-standing models for personal development.

Interestingly, a Google search on Best Practice in the Church of England (14th July 2017, Google Search - "church of england"+"best practice") focuses on "church abuses" rather than the actual business of making communications work effectively! (Google Search - "church of england"+"best practice"). My own research into the C of E shows that despite MANY faults, reluctantly, I had to admit that it does have good points. But this quick search of the top "hits" on Google shows the C of E as defensive - in "panic mode" - rather than asking how it can best listen, explain, and help others build a better future! The morals can be rammed home LATER! First ask "What are we doing, should we keep doing it and if so, how can we make what we do clearer and more efficient?"

MUSIC - - Other than trying to build a better spiritual future for Britain and the world, I have a keen interest in music - new music, such as on BBC Radio 1, and BBC Radio 3, as well as electronic and folk music from earlier decades. I have composed a short classical music piece to be performed by a small, relatively unknown orchestra.

ART - - Although I would not consider myself to be a "good artist", I dabble a little in computer graphic art using Apple Works 6 - a discontinued program that I still think produces interesting designs. As far as classical art goes, I love work by Raphel, Titian, and above all, Rubens.

SOCIAL LIFE & RELATIONSHIPS - - I feel it's important to make friends with people from all races and nationalities, providing they are reasonably compatible from a religious (and perhaps, political) point of view. I love coffee bars, and have written some of my best work in cafes, making use of the free Internet services, bouncing off ideas and general humorous banter with other customers.

POLITICS - - Politically, I draw from both extremes of what is considered "left" and "right". I am against most forms of censorship, and also firmly believe that micronations or "national communes" are the fairest way to organise society rather than liberal-democratic models. ----