Omeganism - Statement on Racism and Homophobia (2016)

(c)2018 His High Witness, The Prophet V



In the light of recent racist and homophobic atrocities, I now feel it necessary to add this statement to my website.

Prohibitions against racism (i.e. based on skin colour or facial characteristics) are written throughout texts within the Omegan faith - in Holy Book of The Republic (2016-17) and Integrity (2015). This section is taken from Section 5 of "Ethics": CLICK HERE

5c. Racism based on the colour of a person's skin is unacceptable. Attacking other religions is permissible, but never the race to which those people typically belong. One might sense trends in a particular family towards "good" or "bad" behaviour, but there is always the possibility for redemption, however "bad" the family name.

5d. Kindness to the foreigner is essential, and particularly towards refugees fleeing persecution, even if restrictions on migration are necessary in practice.


Culture is not the same as race, and, obviously, nor is religion. Taking religion first of all, for some strange reason, despite me repeatedly stating my position, it is seen as "racist" to criticise Islam, because of the high number of Asians who hold Islamic beliefs, and/or "anti-Semitic" to criticise Jews. What these IDIOTS fail to realise is that Islam AND Christianity are both - in reality - variants on Judaism. ISLAM IS JEWISH. CHRISTIANITY IS JEWISH. JESUS WAS A JEW! For every comment I have made about one of these religions, I have made EXACTLY THE SAME comment about the others. But some people treat these comments as racial. To do that means having the assumption of racism being there to start with. But why would you assume this, I wonder - unless it is YOU that is racist!?

Then we come to the whole question of culture, and setting standards. It is now seen as fashionable to have no standards of taste or discretion, because (of course), this involves being "discriminating" - in the classical, scholarly sense of the word. So when (for example) white heavy metal bikers or black gangster-rappers play their music too loudly, over-indulge in drugs, cause rampant vandalism and generally cause mayhem, people are supposed to "turn the other cheek" because it is "discrimination" to do anything about it! Worst of all, perhaps, are the privileged rich elites who - instead of setting the standards - join in with the violent, barbaric hordes.

So you think your traditional church, or mosque, or synagogue will ride to the rescue? .....THINK AGAIN!!....Traditional religions seem to have decided to adopt the same policy of joining in the mayhem, or at least apologising it. So we get Jewish Warlords, Muslim Warlords, Christian Warlords, and weak-willed church clergy who seem unable, and/or unwilling to act.


Putting people in prison is generally not the answer to what is, in effect, a perverse cultural environment. If people see their environment in decline, it may be wrong to blame them for thinking "Well. If I can't beat them, I might as well join them!". We have ALL thought this at some point in our lives. Whatever your race or gender, the Holy Book of the Republic offers you a way out of the drugs, the gangs, the trafficking and the general sense of malaise that pervades society. But to get there, you have to stay disciplined, and not give in to society's many harmful distractions. You have to SHOW THE WORLD YOUR BEST SIDE. And - as my own experiences have shown - when challenged, you have to FIGHT for it..


"I wasn't born an 'LGBTQ'.....Just call me a PERSON!!!"

Homosexual? Heterosexual? Bisexual? It's all nonsense. Underneath our many layers of prejudice, we are - and always were - ONE sexuality and ONLY ONLY!

Although the Faith states that homosexuality - just like heterosexuality and other bogus "sexualities" can be a transitional phase to one, purer, higher sexuality, Omeganism was one of the first modern religions to advocate same-sex marriage as normal and necessary, and to challenge laws that discriminate against same-sex relationships. And whatever the Faith's criticisms of some aspects of sexuality and existing sexual politics, it is overwhelmingly true that violence and open name-calling is unacceptable if purely based on someone's existing sexual preferences.

Sadly, some people who say they're "straight", "gay", "bisexual" or "transgendered" or more than one of these - or worse - use the dreadful catch-all term "LGBTQ" - won't tolerate what for me is an article of religious faith. Well frankly, I've had enough!

They want to shut me down, because they say they ought to have what they call a "choice" about their expressing what they call their "true" sexuality - a bogus choice that excludes other possibilities, and which is as much about being in fashion, and in with the "in-crowd" as expressing sexuality or gender. Today's LGBTQ lobby usually claims that those with a given sexual orientation or gender were "born this way", which is rarely the case entirely - and even if it were - this is the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY! So what a terrible condemnation to live with such limited horizons! If people want to believe they are straight, or gay, or anything else that is not strictly correct Law of the Fairmark, then fine. You believe what you want to believe. But the REAL "choice" is already made for you - in effect - by God - or to be more precise, by the promise of salvation through Mistress Erlica, the Second Diety. Other "free speech" advocates say that I should continue to debate with the LGBTQ lobby, even though many in that lobby don't exactly seem very open to argument themselves.

It is generally true in the Law of the Fairmark, femininity is a better course of action than masculinity. So when it comes to trangendered people specifically, it follows that the choice for a man to become a woman is fraught with less moral complexity than for a woman to become a man - and that women in same-sex relationships, quite logically, have less to concern themselves with that would be so for same-sex relationships with men, OR indeed male-female relationships. Homosexuality as a behaviour has its usefulness (especially in girls and women) but is not a perfect state of existence, any more than masculine maleness is. I am sorry if this offends you, but that is pretty basic theology in relation to sexuality. Changing my beliefs just because it pleases some lobby or other would be to go against my Faith, and the many new possibilities that it opens up in terms of sexuality AND gender.

Socialists, liberals and even free-speech conservatives do not understand how the Sexual Rights movements are controlled by our Elites, and feed into a narrative of victimhood. If you are REALLY strong in your sexuality or gender, or want to be, then you won't be offended by those who have a different view of sexuality from yours.

The best way to transform sexuality is through dialogue and exploration - through raising the aspirations and sexual confidence of each individual - and NOT through violence, name-calling and intimidation. FURTHER READING - Also see the following resources on sexuality and gender.