Omeganism - Statement on Racism and Homophobia (2016)

(c)2016 His High Witness, The Prophet V



In the light of recent racist and homophobic atrocities, I now feel it necessary to add this statement to my website.

Prohibitions against racism (i.e. based on skin colour or facial characteristics) are written throughout texts within the Omegan faith - in Holy Book of The Republic (2016-17) and Integrity (2015). This section is taken from Section 5 of "Ethics": CLICK HERE

5c. Racism based on the colour of a person's skin is unacceptable. Attacking other religions is permissible, but never the race to which those people typically belong. One might sense trends in a particular family towards "good" or "bad" behaviour, but there is always the possibility for redemption, however "bad" the family name.

5d. Kindness to the foreigner is essential, and particularly towards refugees fleeing persecution, even if restrictions on migration are necessary in practice.


Although the Faith states that homosexuality - just like heterosexuality and other "sexualities" is a transitional phase to one, purer, higher sexuality, Omeganism was one of the first modern religions to advocate same-sex marriage as normal and necessary, and to challenge laws that discriminate against same-sex relationships.

Whatever the Faith's criticisms of some aspects of sexuality and existing sexual politics, it is overwhelmingly true that violence and open name-calling is unacceptable if purely based on someone's existing sexual preferences.

Homosexuality as a behaviour has its usefulness (especially in girls and women) but is not a perfect state of existence. The best way to transform sexuality is through dialogue and exploration - through raising the aspirations and sexual confidence of each individual - and NOT through violence, name-calling and intimidation.